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GTX 327
Full-featured Mode C digital transponder features 200-watt output and dedicated pushbutton keys for squawk code selection, plus a pilot selectable datafield.
GTX 328
All solid-state transponder designed to satisfy European VFR/Class 2 Mode S requirements. Features pushbutton squawk code selection.
GTX 330
250-watt digital Mode S transponder is IFR-certified and offers data link capabilities with Traffic Information Services (TIS) interface. Includes a pilot selectable datafield and optionally provides ADS-B out with extended squitter.
GTX 32
A remote-mount TSO’d digital Mode C option for providing 200-watt transponder functionality to compatible navigation systems.
GTX 33
IFR-certified digital Mode S transponder with data link capabilities and 250-watt output. Designed for remote installation with compatible navigation systems and optionally provides ADS-B out with extended squitter.