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Aera® 560
Garmin’s premiere fly/drive touchscreen portable, the aera 560 combines high-resolution 9 arc-second graphics with support for XM WX™ satellite weather capabilities. It also comes with preloaded SafeTaxi® charts, AOPA Airport Directory, City Navigator® NT street mapping, and support for premium auto features.
aera® 550
With higher-resolution 9 arc-second terrain graphics, the aera 550 offers detailed aviation and automotive mapping with preloaded SafeTaxi® charts and AOPA Airport Directory. Also includes built-in support for premium auto navigation and traffic features.
aera® 510
Stepping up in capability, the aera 510 adds support for NEXRAD imaging and other great XM WX™ satellite weather capabilities. It also comes with detailed terrain mapping, Garmin’s patented Panel page, preloaded street maps and touchscreen control.
aera® 500
Our most affordable aera touchscreen unit, the 500 model features a crisp 4.3-inch QVGA wide-format screen and preloaded graphical mapping. Go from runways to roadways with preloaded City Navigator® NT street mapping.
All-in-one portable GPS navigator combines MFD mapping and data with key functions of a Class 1/Class 2 electronic flight bag. Also supports XM weather and audio (subscription required).
A lower-cost option similar to the GPSMAP 696, but without XM compatibility. This large-format portable features a 7-inch high-definition display and detailed electronic IFR charts.
With its crisp grayscale screen, this affordable portable offers great navigation value. A U.S. database of towers and obstacles helps you see and avoid flight path hazards.
A benchmark in handheld navigation, the GPSMAP 96C features a crisp color display and extensive database features – including alerts for towers and obstacles.