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A complete and integrated glass flight deck system. Typically configured as a two-display or three-display system, with flat screens ranging in size from 10 to 15 inches.
Brings superior safety and utility to real-world helicopter operations. Includes dual 6.5-inch high resolution LCD screens, proven AHRS attitude/heading reference, a feature rich MFD, Garmin HSVT™ synthetic vision technology and more.
GSR 56 - Global Satellite Datalink
Provides access to global weather data, text messaging, voice communications and position reporting/tracking through the Iridium satellite network.
Renders terrain, ground and water features, obstacles and traffic into a realistic 3-D “virtual reality” landscape on the primary flight display. With HSVT pilots will also see flight path markers, runways and airports on the PFD replicating what they would see outside the cockpit on a clear day.
Provides “forward looking” terrain avoidance (FLTA) capability to help keep pilots safely separated from hazardous terrain and obstacles.
GMA™ 350H
This all-digital audio panel features Advanced Auto Squelch, 3-D Audio, speech recognition and offers support for night vision goggles.